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admin on October 6th, 2011

Eco-Green Video Moves To The GreenCube Network More than Shipping Container Home videos. The GreenCube TV website has now moved from GreenCube.TV to it’s new home at the GreenCube Network. [ LINK ] This new home will allow easier viewing of Eco-Green news, information and educational videos for our readers. The new GreenCube TV site […]

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admin on September 17th, 2011

Container Technology b2b Sources Directory Just Released   After months of development, the ISBU Association and Container Dealers Association has released the new B2B Directory called, the Eco-Green Sources Directory. Due to the global economy, many businesses and business professionals in the US and globally are no longer functional. The new Sources Directory now contains […]

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admin on February 22nd, 2011

Why Don’t We Have A Forum For Container Construction? Many readers during the past year have asked why the ISBU Association doesn’t have a community forum.  A better question might be, “why did we close our forum”? The answer to both questions was quite obvious to container dealers, container modifiers and engineers–very simply, the forums […]

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admin on January 2nd, 2011

Shipping Container Drawings, Architecture, Drawings and CAD Some of the most requested educational tools are the shipping container drawings from the ISBU Association. All the shipping container drawings are available in the DIY .tif photos of the original CAD; Google SketchUp drawings; and of course, the 2D and 3D CAD files for the professional architect, designer […]

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