Shipping Container Housing Organization Celebrates

Shipping container homes, designs, plans and education organization.

Our official organization website began in July 2007


Yep!  We officially began promoting shipping container housing and construction in 2006. This is our 5th Anniversary of organization and the 4th Anniversary of our first real .ORG website!

We started with only a few interested container dealers, architects and building contractors. We had a shared website for a year, beginning in 2006. Then our official .ORG website was registered July 5, 2007.

To our surprise, we had readers from all over the world wanting to join. Then finally, in April 2008 there was so much interest in this recycled shipping container concept that we opened our membership program to other Professionals and also to the DIY public. The results were beyond our expectation and the interest has been astounding year after year.

We are now supported by thousands of new Members globally each year.

In 2009, the ISBU Association grew so immensely with all types of professionals and consumers, that we formed the second division consisting only of Shipping Container Dealers, which is now the Container Dealers Association. [ LINK ]

We remain the same “grass roots” organization we were in the beginning and we aren’t domination by any large corporations or special interests.

To celebrate even more, we will launch more global websites this month. This will provide much better global coverage, education and information for Container Technology and the integrated Eco-Green Technologies.

We offer FREE information to our Members: accurate, professional information-not open public forums; shipping container drawings; house plans;  Q/A section, and educational materials.  We are the source!

Thanks again for your interest and support.

-ISBU Association Staff


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