Container Home Fabrication Facility Coming To The US

Photo of TempoHousing meeting in the US. (ISBU Association photo)

Top Secret location in the US with TempoHousing CEO (center)

If you receive the TempoHousing Newsletter you will notice that in the October edition sent out today, they mention:

“TempoHousing will start new production line in the USA”

Even though it’s in the very advanced stages the legal work isn’t quite finished but both sides say, “it’s looking very positive” at this point.

Both parties, the US company and also TempoHousing are both ISBU Association Members, and although our Director knew of the astounding partnership we were sworn to secrecy until about November 15.

However today, to the surprise of the US company, the TempoHousing Newsletter announced it already. No one is really upset, in fact a few smiles, but we’ve still been asked to keep the final corporate information and details private until the lawyers are finished.

We can tell you this much, …the new Modular Home production facilities, using recycled shipping containers (ISBU modules) will be the largest in North America.

The US company already has very adequate facilities for the modular construction, modifications and assembly lines. One facility alone is more than 120,000 sq/ft at one location. That’s 3 acres under one giant roof! Yes, TempoHousing is quite excited to have this US partnership….

According to our Director, this will rival even the largest shipping container home fabrication plants in China. He says the production line will fabricate housing for TempoHousing, and will also offer the service to many other US and Canadian companies to produce their brands of housing, homes and shelters.

They believe they can offer quality US workmanship, yet compete well with the Chinese modular housing factories.

Stay tuned. We will post the full details within a couple of weeks.

These aren’t our only two Corporate Members doing big things this year, but it’s certainly a big boost for ISBU and Container Home enthusiasts in North America.

Yep! This is big!


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