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Shipping container CAD files

Some of the most requested educational tools are the shipping container drawings from the ISBU Association.

All the shipping container drawings are available in the DIY .tif photos of the original CAD; Google SketchUp drawings; and of course, the 2D and 3D CAD files for the professional architect, designer and engineer.

These are needed by virtually everyone who are interested in ISBU shipping container construction, planning, designing, or modifications.

Not just simple PDF drawings. These are the real thing, and very usable!

We offer the shipping container drawings of the most popular 20GP, 20HC, 40GP, 40HC sizes:

  • DIY type shipping container architectural drawings in HiRes .tif format
  • DIY and Professional G-Series .skp for use with free Google SketchUp
  • 2D architectural CAD drawings in .dwg and .dxf
  • 3D architectural CAD drawings in .dwg, .dxf, and .3ds
  • Exploded views of all shipping containers drawings in .tif format including materials list

All of these are FREE with the $18 Research Membership!

For more information on the Architectural shipping container drawings and files from the ISBU Association go to our information page. [ LINK ] , view shipping container drawing cutaways [ LINK ] , or become a Member of the ISBU Association and get them all free. [ LINK ]

The ISBU Association has become the most trusted source and lowest prices for shipping container drawings.

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