Why Don’t We Have A Forum For Container Construction?

Shipping container construction forums

Many readers during the past year have asked why the ISBU Association doesn’t have a community forum.  A better question might be, “why did we close our forum”?

The answer to both questions was quite obvious to container dealers, container modifiers and engineers–very simply, the forums were used 99% by readers and so called professionals giving either very bad information, or attempting to get free advertising.

After hosting these forums on our public website and also in our Member website since 2007, it became very obvious they were becoming the worst source of bad information. Most comments were completely “off the wall” and very incorrect.

We noticed that the truly experienced professionals who knew container construction and modification would not participate. So at the end of 2009, after three years of patience and trying everything, our Advisory Board voted to close our Forums.  …closing the forums was the best decision we could possibly have made.

Forums: The fact is, readers and professionals want accurate, correct, and experienced information from other professionals in the Container and Container Construction industry, not “back yard” professors!

Today you are seeing a few “Shipping Container Forum” websites pop up, hoping to grab you and to lure you in to view fake comments, many fake readers, fake and partial stories, and hope you click a few Google Ads or Amazon books before you leave with frustration.

A very good example of nonsense reader comments is at the Time Magazine news article published yesterday on Container Housing. [ Link

The Time Magazine story was well researched and well written by reporter Tim Newcomb, but virtaully all the “readers comments” at the end of the story are misleading , uninformed, and all the links in the Comments area are to websites that are not legitimate.  Blog comments and Forum websites all have the same problems.

There are no legitimate Container Home Construction forums, or ISBU Technology forums out there. None…  If  it were realistic to have a professional forum with correct information, the ISBU Association and our professional Corporate members would host one and support it.

For acurate information and comments from professionals in the Container construction trade industry, you will find it either here, or inside our Member website.

None of the Shipping Container Forums out there are from experienced professionals; most of the comments in their forums will lead you, and your project, in the wrong direction.

Don’t waste your time reading nonsense Blog reader comments and Forums, just listen to the professionals with experience, here.

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