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HOT for 2011!

The opportunities from ISBU related technologies are one of the fastest growing housing and building trends in many years. 
Combined with the insulative and energy related products, this is a combination of  "pure golden" opportunities and most require 
very little investment capitol or technical education.

Here is a Hot list our ISBA Members suggest for the biggest growth and most profitable for 2011 and beyond.

                     In reading, remember ISBU is the proper name for Shipping Containers when used for building & construction


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  More Business Reports

During the month of September we will be introducing some very detailed Business Reports for each category below.
They will be "How To Reports" with factory direct and wholesale buying sources plus step-by-step instructions
on opening a business or selling the products listed below. Even if you are already in one of these businesses
you can easily increase your profits and sales with the sources from our global ISBU Association affiliates. Most 
people, even in the trade, do not know the tips and sources we have developed.

 - If you are a Corporate Member of the ISBU Association these reports are presently Free.                       
 - If you are not a Corporate Member you will soon be able to purchase these Reports online.

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 Getting Approved (Available now)
    This is the "must see" report for buyers, builders, city inpectors and lenders. The 35 page report has the "getting approved" details
    and also the much requested information city-county inspectors, lenders and insurance companies want to see.
    [ More details... ]

   Eco-Insulation Dealers (Available now)
    The new insulations, especially the Ceramic Insulation has created a great demand for people to sell and apply this. It is quite simple, 
    especially if you have any painting experience. The factories can often tell you any technical details in the preparation and application if 
    you have some basic knowledge and common sense.  Detailed technical information and direct wholesale sources.
    [ More details... ]

    Additionally, Spray Foam is a very solid and profitable business right now. We can supply you with all the correct and legitimate dealer
    and wholesale contacts if you want to become a dealer or installer in almost any country.
   The Eco Insulations are a huge market and this applies to any type home or building, not just ISBU homes and offices.

 Thinking Deep (Available soon)
    A detailed report on the use of ISBU for basements, root cellers and safe rooms. This type use of ISBU can be quite dangerous
    without proper information, installation and re-inforcements. The "Thinking Deep" report has all the clear structural detail for each
    of these underground structures. DO NOT attempt this without reading the "Thinking Deep" report or consulting with a skilled 
    structural engineer. This is one of our most requested publications and available to the public soon.
   Making The Cut: ISBU Modifications (Available soon)
    Very easy if you are a welder or building contractor. Until you really try cutting and modifying with a Plasma Cutter you will never 
    comprehend how easy it is to cut out a window, door or wall.  There will continue to be a very big demand for this type service for 
    many years to come. This one is very hot and profitable right now.

   ISBU Designer or Architect
    People need to see more design options for Shipping Container home projects. Not just the one unit cabin type, but 2, 4, 6, and 
    8 unit designs that can be skinned with stucco, a pitched roof, and become real homes.  Your designs will sell quickly.

   ISBU Home Mortgages
    Although most people pay cash or pay as you go, especially for single unit homes, most people are a little afraid to try and build a 
    larger home because it seems too unconventional. Well, it really isn't. Your frame is simple steel; and even better, it is a long life 
    sustainable frame that Bankers and Lenders will have confidence in.  It will hold up through termites, mold, winds, tornados, 
    hurricanes and even earthquakes.  An ISBU shipping container home mortgage is actually a much better lending risk than even a 
    conventional home because if it's strength and sustainability. If done properly they can also easily obtain LEEDS certification.

   Prefab ISBU Modules
    There is a big demand for the ISBU modules with the ends cut out, primered and ready to modify. The bigger demand is for the 20HQ 
    and 40HQ because they have the extra one foot (1') ceiling space for heating-air conditioning, pipes, cables, and insulation.  This 
    means the Shipping Container home can have all these normal ducts and wires, these also remain a true 8 foot ceiling.  These units 
    are the biggest demand for housing.

    The standard 20GP and 40GP are best used for storage units or simple one unit Shipping Container homes.  I should note. 40HQ 
    are fairly common, however 20HQ must usually come from the factories in China. It's not really that difficult to buy 3 or 4 direct and 
    delivered right to you by truck.

   Saferooms (see top of page "Thinking Deep" Report)
    The Saferoom concept is not new.  Depending on where you live in the U.S. or other parts of the world, a Saferoom has many uses for 
    the purpose of safety: food storage, earthquake after-shelter, tornado's, hurricanes, violence, crime, etc. It can be a very separate
    construction, connected to your home or business, or even underground. The potential in all geographic areas is unlimited. The use
    of underground Saferooms is ideal for living and storage of many items such of food. The year round temperature underground will
    need no heat or cooling no matter whether you live in Greenland, Canada, Egypt, or Arizona.

    Using ISBU's to construct mobile or permanent locations is real winner. They can be built on-site or easily built in your warehouse
    off-site with all equipment and inventory, then simply trucked to the destination; bolt on to the cement pad and begin business. The
    more obvious business types are Coffee Shops, Lock & Key, Frozen Yogurt, Dry Cleaner drop off, Sandwiches, or even a Mini Mart. 
    This perfect for new Franchises.

  Sunless Greenhouse (see top of page "Thinking Deep" Report)
    The Sunless Greenhouse concept is bigger and easier than you can imagine. With the new technology of LED full spectrum lights
    and the dropping prices of LED manufacturing in China, this ISBU technology concept is prime for an Eco-Green boom. Underground
    nearly eliminates the heating and cooling energy costs in any global climate, and since the sun light is furnished by extremely low
    cost LED's.  The total energy costs and construction will produce very low cost vegetables for your family or even commercially. 

   ISBU Distributor-Importer
    Although there are huge stores of Shipping Containers in the U.S. and other countries, we talk to many builders, and companies who 
    just want to buy their units HQ size and cut as they want at the factory, new and delivered to them from the factory. This also is a very 
    growing trend and I was surprised to find such a big demand for this.  Most projects that require from 4 to 100 units are ordered directly 
    from the Shipping Container factories in China. We have confirmed that with several developers including the Travelodge Corporation, 
    and the GM at the ISBU Association.

   ISBU Building Consultants
    People are willing to pay for your services and expertise before and during the planning of a project. Few people have this hands on 
    experience. Consult to government agencies, planning departments, architects, building contractors and consumers.

 Green Roof Design & Installation
    Another growing trend is the Green Roof concept. This adds a water-proof membrane then soil and literal a roof top garden or grass. 
    The trend makes use of virtually unused space; adds incredible insulation; then also cleans the air. However, most buildings cannot 
    withstand the 135 lbs/sq. foot of added weight.  The incredible strength of an ISBU module is much stronger. This means that ISBU 
    shipping container modules are the most sustainable home and office construction base for multiple reasons. 

   Solar Dealers and Installers
    Solar Panels are not future-they are here, and have been here for many years.  They function well  and are very effective and easily 
    installed especially if you are a building contractor with any basic electrical knowledge. The prices have come down dramatically in the 
    past two year and their life expectancy has gone up.  Learn how to connect to the new Lithium storage battery cells used in mobile 
    phones and electric cars. Install properly and you will soon have a long waiting list of customers.

    The new thin film technology is out now and about 1/2 the price of the other PV solar panels.  We have names of the factories with this
    new technology so you can work directly with the source as a Solar dealer or installer.

   Wind Energy
    Also quite simple for smaller projects, but you must make sure you have wind to support the wind generator. China has made these 
    units very dependable and affordable. 

    Is a bit more complicated but certainly this equipment and interest is on the rise. This certainly a demand technology, however if we 
    are using and promoting Alcohol as bio fuel then we deplete the valuable agricultural crop lands for food production. We will soon
    offer some other Bio fuel options in coming weeks.

   Eco Lighting
    If you haven't seen or used the new LED bulbs and lighting then you are way behind. Eventhough the initial cost has been high, the 
    interest and is big due to their long life and almost zero energy consumption.  However, the cost is coming down fast, not yet so highly 
    promoted in the retail stores so is a great opportunity for the small business entrepreneur to be selling.  The life span is incredible 
    and the long term cost savings is beyond any other type lighting. These are available now in most sizes and bulb shapes, need no 
    ballasts, and are also available in Grow Light and also the very high tech Greenhouse type.  These are the types being used in 
    Sunless Greenhouses underground. This new LED technology is very easy to use, understand, and import.  

    More and more people are becoming interested in their own greenhouse or integrated greenhouse-atrium-home. The new LED 
    lighting allows full spectrum UV and is extremely simple to use, sell, and install. The greenhouses, lights, and equipment is in 
    demand now more than ever before. It's just an indoor garden and the type people who want ISBU construction; Insulating Paint; 
    or even solar are the type people who also want their own greenhouse.

   Lite Concrete
    About a year ago, due to our research in Ceramic Insulation paints, we learned of another technology using some of same hollow
    glass balls used in the Ceramic and Nano Insulations.  The hollow glass microspheres however are not as precision and filtered
    as the high quality Cenosphere used in the Ceramic insulations and therefore are much lower in price.  The spheres used in high 
    quality Lite Concrete are called Fly Ash; recycled from the coal burning process everywhere, and is a cheap, proven technology the 
    average consumer knows very little about. Because they are non-toxic, hollow microscopic glass balls, they are not only super light, 
    but super insulative when added to the the Portland cement in place of sand and rock.  We call it Eco-Crete when marketed by the
    ISBU Association Members, and it's potential in, and around your home, ISBU project, and other prefabs is endless.  ...very easy to 
    mix, use, spread or pump, and has a longer life than and more strength than conventional Portland Cement mixes.


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