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Our Members are an integral part of the ISBU Organization. The biggest strength of our global organization is because of the 
Consumer, Professional and Factory Members who support the education programs and assist to integrate the ISBU modules for
use and approval with the local governments.

Are You Doing Business With An ISBA Member?
There are many good and qualified building contractors and ISBU related companies who are not Members of ISBA, however if 
they are not ISBA Members but are engaged in any ISBU module and related Eco-Green technology sales or construction we have
these very real concerns:

 - Non ISBA members are not fully aware of new technology updates and regulations regarding ISBU modules.
 - Non ISBA members cannot be easily tracked and reported for complaints by customers or government agencies.

To be certain the contractor, architect, designer, manufacturer, or supplier complies with ISBA standards, look for the ISBA logo 
or link on their website. When you click, it will give a verification code you can check to see if it is a valid Member.

If you are not doing business with a certified ISBA Member, you may be doing business with someone who is selling sub-standard 
Shipping Containers or containers that once were hauling toxic materials for example. You may be buying an ISBU home, office, 
emergency home, or storage unit that was not constructed according to the new ISBA Standards of safety, energy savings 
products, or general construction. 

When you are doing business with an ISBA Member, we can assist you if you do have any problems with this Member vendor or 
supplier. In fact, if you use an ISBA Member, you probably avoid any costly problems with your construction products, or services. 

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An ISBA Member is better informed of new technology and procedures in ISBU module and multi-module construction.

Who Can Become an ISBA Member?
We have many types of ISBA Memberships. Unlike most trade organizations, ISBA memberships are not expensive. We think it 
is more important to have thousands of educated and supportive type businesses and consumers than to have only a few hundred 
with lots of money. The ISBU Organization wants to assist and also be supported by all companies, small and large. Not just a few 
who are wealthy and well established corporations.

We believe newest and most innovative "Out of The Box" thinkers are not in the larger and most financially successful corporations. 
We also believe the larger Corporations are not necessarily the perfect example of support and Grass Roots customer interaction.

Our annual Membership fees are:Research Membership- (was $135)  $ 18/annual   (new pricing November 28, 2012)                        Next step...
   For individuls, students, and business entrepreneurs to obtain basic information regarding 
   the ISBU technology and Eco-Green related technologies and to support the ISBU Association. 
   For their own use, either for research or for personal building projects. Absolutely non-commercial.
   Limited membership privileges apply. 50% member discount on reports.
     (Click for details)Professional Membership-  $ 38/annual   (new pricing January 2, 2014)                                          Next step...
   For individual business professionals, small companies, non-profit, or government organizations and 
   business entrepreneurs. 
   One location, and 4 employees or less, to obtain basic information regarding the ISBU technology, 
   Eco-Green related technologies, and to support the ISBU Association. 
   Full access to all Architectural drawings and CAD files.
   Full membership privileges apply with free Directory Listing, but does not include free advertising
   on all websites as does the Corporate Membership.
     (Click for details)Small Corporation Membership-    $245/annual                                                                           Next step...
   For individual business professionals, small companies, non-profit, or government organizations. 
   One location, and 30 employees or less.
   Free advertising on all organization websites.
   Full access to all Architectural drawings and CAD files.
   Full membership privileges.
     (Click for details)Executive Membership-                  An additional annual fee (login to Corporate Section for details)   Next step...
   An opportunity for Corporate members to offer the ISBU Association additional financial support, moral
   support and advice based upon their strength and history in their field of business.
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   These businesses and organizations are a much needed strength to our growth and information accuracy.

As you can see, these are much lower than fees with other professional organizations. Most of the other organizations are $500 
to $3000 annually, which deter most smaller, innovative, and credible individuals and companies from joining and engaging in 
business activities and new technological advancements.

We believe the success of these new ISBU technology and and related Eco-Green technologies is based on the total involvement 
and input of all creative individuals, entrepreneurs and companies, not just the large wealthy corporations.

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Member qualification requirements:

 - Current and valid contact information
 - Any bios, resume, and achievements posted must be truthful
 - Good business ethics, as judged by ISBA International and Members
 - Valid Business License and/or Corporate documents

All applications will be verified by Member Services. Membership will be active in 48 hours. Complete verification may take up to 
10 days. If their Corporation or licenses are not valid, the Membership will be revoked without refund.

Benefits of ISBA Membership
Although the ISBU Shipping Container construction is relatively new we are already providing more research and support than 
many larger and established Contractors or Architectural organizations. With your financial support and informational input, ISBA 
can be very stable in every city and State in the U.S., and also every city and country world wide.

To provide the maximum Consumer benefits and Member benefits, ISBA services are divided into four (4) categories:

 - Research and Education
 - Standardization
 - Member Ethics
 - Member & Product promotion

Who Are ISBA Members?
We want innovative, small, and credible Members, not just the larger corporations. 

So who joins the ISBU Association?  Designers, architects, building contractors, welders, ISBU supporters, mortgage lenders, 
real estate developers, entrepreneurs, building supply vendors, real estate agents, freight agents, ISBU dealers, prefab factories, 
and sales agents. 

Our members also include many equipment suppliers and Eco-Green technologies; heating, solar, bio-fuels, wind turbines, 
LED lighting, insulation, building materials, tools, greenhouse, decor, furnishings, security equipment, home automation, plumbing, 
appliances, etc.


To be a part of the new ISBU technologies growth please click here to register.



Note: Some readers have expressed some confused with ISBU and ISBA.

 - ISBU is an ISBU Shipping Container unit or module used for construction or storage.
 - ISBA is the ISBU Association organization.


ISBU Shipping Conatainer homes and construction.



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